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Malostransky Palace

When it comes to great wedding locations in Prague, Czech Republic, Malostransky Palace offers an opulent setting that is also inviting for you and your guests.

This beautiful Baroque palace is located in the heart of Prague (Czech Republic's cultural, historic and political capital). Its stunning paintings, frescoes and the pipe organ in the Palace refectory are all perfectly preserved in their original forms, yet the building is also equipped with modern technology and amenities to facilitate large social events like weddings and galas.

Catering is provided by the Kampa Group, one of Prague’s most renowned fine dining caterers. Kampa is also the team responsible for several of Prague's most fashionable and beloved eateries, including Kampa Park Restuarant and Herget's Brickworks. 

Like so many of the architectural treasures in Prague, Czech Republic, Malostransky Palace boasts a long and winding history. In the 17th century, the Jesuits built the House for the Professed (later named Malostransky Palace) on the main square of Prague's Malá Strana District. Also known as "Lesser Town," Malá Strana was the second area in the city to be established (after Old Town). 

St. Nicholas Church, a gem of Baroque architecture, was connected to the house in the 18th century by renowned architects Kilián and Kryštof Dienzenhofer, who were proponents of the Czech Baroque style.

Following the suppression of the Jesuit Order in 1773, the House for the Professed was turned over to the Hapsburg Monarchy, who placed their Provincial Court there. 

When the Czechoslovak Republic was established in 1918, the building's basement became the storage space for the treasures of the new state. Then, during World War II, it was used by the German Army as an operational outpost.

In 2006, a costly renovation was undertaken and Malostransky Palace was restored to its former glory. Renovations included the restoration of the original walls, ceiling frescoes and pipe organ. Today, the Palace is a faculty building under the directorship of Charles University.  

In addition to the storybook quality of its history, Malostransky Palace is among the great wedding locations in Prague thanks to its two distinctive entertainment halls. There is one large and one small hall, making it a venue capable of hosting both grand and intimate weddings.

The refectory, the large hall, is 204 square meters and has a capacity of 150 - 300 guests. Vaulted ceilings, gorgeous frescoes and a stunning central chandelier - all illuminated by bright, natural sunlight during the afternoon hours - are the refectory's crowning jewels.

The smaller hall is less ornate but ideal for intimate weddings. It is 60 square meters and can accommodate 20 - 40 guests.

Whether you are hosting a small or a large destination wedding, Malostransky Palace is on of the great wedding locations that we recommend in Prague, Czech Republic. For more information on hosting your special day here, contact a Le Rêve Wedding Planner today.